Triton Super High Roller Series London WSOP Global Casino Championship

$1,650 Main Event

Level Info

Level 28
Blinds 75,000 / 125,000
Ante 125,000

Players Info

Players Left
Entries 469
Prize Pool $685,678
$1,650 Main Event
Day 2 Completed

Josh Prager Wins the $1,650 Ante Up World Championship Main Event

GeoffFisk • Level 28: 75,000-125,000, 125,000 ante
Josh Prager
Josh Prager

The $1,650 Ante Up World Championship has come to an end with a chop between the final two players. Josh Prager and Wood Bailey agreed to the chop just minutes after heads-up play began, and Prager will take home $116,434, while Bailey walks away with $114,434. The agreement was made while Prager was just one big blind ahead of Bailey, giving Prager the extra $2,000.

The two players battled on for the Ante Up World Championship trophy and the right to be on the cover of the September issue of Ante Up Magazine, and it was Prager coming away with the heads up win.

In a tournament that drew 469 entries and saw eliminations at a rapid pace throughout, the final table was a slow grind for the last nine survivors. Five-handed play lasted for two hours before three quick eliminations suddenly left Prager and Bailey fighting it out heads up.

Final Table Results

1Josh PragerUnited States$116,434*
2Wood BaileyUnited States$114,434*
3Noel RodriguezUnited States$61,095
4Mike ZimmerUnited States$41,930
5Jordan HenegarUnited States$32,195
6Srini GodavarthyUnited States$27,215
7William GivensUnited States$22,400
8Terry WheelerUnited States$17,600

*Denotes heads-up deal.

Jordan Henegar hung on with a short stack for as long as he could before bowing out in fifth place, taking home $32,195. Mike Zimmer went to the rail in fourth just minutes later, cashing for $41,930, and just moments after that Noel Rodriguez went out in third for $61,095.

Prager had been advocating for a multi-way chop for much of the later levels of the final table, and when the sudden heads-up situation materialized, Bailey asked him if he wanted to play on or come to an agreement. At the moment, Prager decided to play on, but a few hands later the chop agreement was made.

The six-figure finish is the biggest of Bailey’s poker career and was the reward for surviving a tough and long final table.

“I keep looking at the payouts,” Bailey said. “That kept me going, and plus I worked really hard to get to this point. This is my biggest score yet.”

“I was down and out in 2018, my health was crap and I couldn’t even play. I have a renewed sense of being grateful that I can play the game at a high level again.”

Day 2 began with 60 players, out of the original field of 469. Other final table finishers included Srini Godvarthy ($27,215), William Givens ($22,400), Terry Wheeler ($17,600) and Seymond Pon ($13,200), finishing sixth through ninth respectively.

Prager adds the six-figure payday to his career tournament winnings, which are now approaching nearly $2 million.

“I always think that final tables are not just,” Prager said. “Everyone is 30 big blinds (deep), every hand is so important. “You don’t deserve to win. You deserve to get to the final table, you don’t deserve to win.”

The guarantee for the event far exceeded the advertised $500,000, as 60 players cashed and took part in the total prize pool of $685,678.

The Ante Up Poker Tour will host its next tournament at Atlantis Casino Resort Spa from August 15-25, 2019. Once again the PokerNews Live Reporting Team will be on hand to capture all the action.

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Wood Bailey Eliminated in 2nd Place ($114,434)

GeoffFisk • Level 28: 75,000-125,000, 125,000 ante
Wood Bailey
Wood Bailey

Wood Bailey opened to 400,000, and Josh Prager made the call. The flop came {4-Hearts}{2-Hearts}{7-Hearts}, Prager led out for 400,000 and Bailey made the call.

Prager checked the {9-Clubs} turn, Bailey bet 1,200,000, Prager went all in and Bailey called.

Josh Prager: {k-Hearts}{k-Clubs}
Wood Bailey: {8-Clubs}{5-Clubs}

The river completed the flush for Prager, as the {7-Hearts} fell to seal the deal. Bailey ($114,434) and Prager ($116,434) take home almost identical prize money per the terms of an agreed upon chop.

The final recap follows shortly.

Josh Prager us 18,800,000 9,300,000
Wood Bailey US Busted

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Prager, Bailey Agree to Chop

GeoffFisk • Level 28: 75,000-125,000, 125,000 ante

Josh Prager and Wood Bailey have agreed to a chop, with Prager taking home $116,434 and Wood netting $114,434. The two players will continue to play for the $1,650 Ante Up World Championship Main Event trophy and the right to be on the cover of the September issue of Ante Up Magazine.

Josh Prager us 9,500,000 50,000
Wood Bailey US 9,300,000

Jordan Henegar Eliminated in 5th Place ($32,195)

GeoffFisk • Level 27: 50,000-100,000, 100,000 ante
Jordan Henegar
Jordan Henegar

Jordan Henegar went all in for his last 875,000 from the cutoff, and Wood Bailey called from the big blind.

Jordan Henegar: {10-Clubs}{8-Hearts}
Wood Bailey: {a-Hearts}{8-Hearts}

Board: {6-Spades}{a-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{2-Hearts}{a-Spades}

Henegar's hopes took a serious hit when the {a-Diamonds} hit the flop, and the runout clinched his elimination.

Wood Bailey US 7,600,000 3,100,000
Jordan Henegar us Busted

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Prager Double Barrels, Gets the Fold

GeoffFisk • Level 27: 50,000-100,000, 100,000 ante

Wood Bailey opened to 250,000 from the cutoff, Josh Prager three-bet to 650,000 from the big blind, and Wood called.

Prager bet 400,000 on the {7-Spades}{9-Hearts}{7-Clubs} flop, and Bailey called. Prager bet 1,000,000 more on the turn {10-Clubs}, and Bailey folded.

Josh Prager us 5,500,000 2,800,000
Wood Bailey US 4,500,000 -900,000